Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nude geometric fashion inspired nail look!!

Hello and welcome back to An appetite for makeup, 

I've had a little time away from my blog but I am back and I have lots of exciting products, nail tutorials and lots more to share with you. 

So for my first blog post in a while, I thought I would start with a nail tutorial. 

I recently bought a dress from primark, I loved the print on it and I thought to myself 'that would look good on my nails', I hunted out the colours and made a start. 

So what you will need....

A cream nail polish - I used EVERGLAZE extended wear from China glaze, in the colour Cash-merely.*

A dark grey polish - I used Rimmel London, super gel in the colour Punk Rock.

A pink/nude polish - I used a OPI nail lacquer, that didn't have a name however the number was NLM82.

A pale blue polish - I used a Ciate mini polish in the colour Chinchilla.

A top coat - preferably a gel effect polish.

A nail striping brush - I used a black striper and cleaned the polish off with nail varnish remover.

Firstly, I decided produce a geometric design on my ring finger, so I painted this finger with the cream polish.


Next I painted my little finger and my middle finger with the dark grey polish.


I then painted my index finger with the pale blue polish. 

Finally I painted my thumb with the nude polish.


So now I have all my nails painted, I am going to concentrate on my ring finger. 
Using the pale blue polish and the brush on its side, I made a thick blue stripe down the nail, slightly off centre.


Using the pink/ nude polish, I made a square of colour next to the blue stripe.


Using the black striper and the dark grey polish and made two stripes to outline the pale blue polish.



I then made three horizontal lines to outline the pink/nude polish.


I let everything dry for about 10 minutes and then applied a thick layer of gel effect top coat.


I thought I would give you a close up of my dress and my nails.


I really liked how this nail design turned out.
Hope you like it! 

Please comment down below if you try out this nail art look.

* any product marked with a *, has been gifted to me, 
However as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thankyou so much for reading.

Nicola xxx